We require you to complete this form as part of our Duty Of Care

Travel insurance has been offered by my Travel Advisor at Home Travel Company but we’ve elected to, *

  • Purchase an alternative policy (which you fully understand)
  • Use my credit card policy (which I understand has limitations)
  • Depart without travel insurance at my own risk (not recommended)

Waiver of Rights

  • I understand travel insurance would protect me against incurred costs relating but not limited to –
  • The cost of overseas medical treatment, hospital and related expenses – Cancellation imposed by transport and accommodation providers –
  • Loss, damage, theft of my luggage and more.
  • On this basis, I waive my right to pursue a claim of my Advisor’s  negligence.
  • It is  understood  Home Travel Company  may charge me a minimum $50 pp to assist with any claim paperwork.

On behalf of all travellers: