travel tips

Don’t go down the path of the internet, WHY?

  • For security and peace of mind. There is no way of knowing who owns an internet site, who is sitting at the other end answering your query, or how reputable the site is.
  • We use reputable suppliers who rate their properties through personal inspection. The hotel you see on the internet may not even exist. Or the promised facilities may not be available when you arrive.
  • We enjoy a great relationship with all quality travel suppliers which enables us to give you the widest range of expert unbiased travel advice, which means you need look no further to source all of your travel needs.
  • Sometimes it only appears cheaper on the internet! As your personal travel manager our charges are fully inclusive of all taxes and fees. The internet doesn’t always inform you about additional charges, suppliers can ask for more money on arrival, which could be a nasty surprise.
  • We quote you the price that is available when you want to travel. Many internet sites only quote low season prices.
  • We are well travelled with personal experience and recommendations can assist in planning your trip.
  • We offer a choice of routes and airlines and have access to thousands of combination airfares.
  • Make sure you are aware of all the rules and conditions governing internet fares and are happy to abide by the restrictions. We are experienced at interpreting airfare regulations and will ensure you can make informed decisions.
    If your selected service isn’t available, we can often waitlist you. This isn’t available on the internet – what you see is what you get.
  • We can hold a booking for 24 hours or longer to make it easier for you to make a decision. On the internet you have to make an instant purchase.
  • Will the internet be able to organise your seat allocation or special meal requests? Or make sure you get the cabin or room of your choice? Or book a transfer, sightseeing tour or theatre tickets? We can simply ………
  • What happens if you need to change or cancel your arrangements? Many calls attempting to contact internet suppliers, or one phone call or text to Home Travel Company.
  • Who do you blame if something goes wrong? Are you happy to take responsibility? A travel agent has more accountability than the internet. It’s in their interest to look after you – you know where to find them, and we will be here when you return home.
  • Researching on the net can be advantageous – booking on the net can be a risky business!