What’s Great About Tauck You May Ask?


– All inclusive –All food and drinks on the ship are included in the initial cost, as well as all day trips/excursions and entry fees. There are no hidden surprises, you know what your holiday is going to cost. Airport transfers are also included.

– Guided tours are given by locals who have intimate knowledge of their area.

– Meals – you have the choice of a formal or informal setting.

– Participate in all ship excursions or none – it’s your holiday and your choice. Choose as little or as much as you like.

– If you choose to undertake as many organised tours as possible there is still free time allotted to allow you yo rest and/or wander independently.

– You don’t have to think or arrange anything! Maps are provided, questions are answered and you are supported.

– Beautiful ship, great staff, great food, great entertainment.


The river cruise commenced in Basel Switzerland. Basel is a cultural city rich in history. In Basel you will find a Fine Arts Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum Tinguely, Museum of Ancient Art and Ludwig Collection, Historical Museum and Jewish Museum of Switzerland. A history buffs paradise!

The Basel market square is a bustling, vibrant area full of colour and character. I chose to take a short motor coach ride to the beautiful city of Lucerne and spent the day independently wandering through this magical area.


Lucerne has a most beautiful pedestrian foot bridge edged with a stunning floral display. There is something captivating about Lucerne and it is on my list of “must sees” in this world.


I then spent a relaxing hour or two sitting by the water way admiring the scenery with a glass of local wine and cheese platter – of course you must eat Swiss cheese in Switzerland!

Go to bed in Switzerland and wake up in France! The day was spent in Strasbourg, France. Strasbourg contains an 11th century Cathedral which is known as one of Europes most beautiful example of Gothic architecture. It really has to be seen to be believed…1000 years old and indescribable in its beauty, it renders you speechless.

As with all day visits on this Tauck tour an orientation to the area is given by a local guide, someone who lives in the area and is well versed in its history and local attractions.


Keeping with the theme of “eating like the locals” I sampled tarte flambé …… a local favourite!  By the name I was expecting some sort of tart… I was surprised to learn tarte flambé is more like a very thin based pizza; it was delicious!


As the new day dawns we are welcomed to Germany and the town of Baden-Baden.  Baden-Baden was a favourite destination of royal visitors including Queen Victoria and is home to the oldest and most traditional casino in Europe.

Heidelberg was the next stop, where I spent a beautiful morning wandering the cobble stone streets as a part of a walking tour. A special reception and dinner was held this evening, on land at the Burg Schwarzentein. Guests were serenaded by local musicians upon arrival before being led into an open air dining area with amazing views out over the vineyards which have been producing wine for a thousand years. The quaint town of Rudensheim was well worth the morning spent there; amazing architecture, narrow cobblestone streets and Rudensheim coffee! The coffee was a bit too much for me but others loved it! It consists of Asbach brandy with coffee which is flambéed at the table. Good for all that ails you so I was told! The afternoon was spent on the ship enjoying the countryside whilst cruising along the Rhine River.


Country number four – Luxemourg!  The entire trip with Tauck consists of personal choices. You are free to stay on the ship for a quiet rest day, partake in guided tours, undertake independent activities or a combination of these options. Whilst in Luxembourg  I undertook the walking tour of the city and also went to the American Memorial Cemetery in Hamm; what an emotional experience.


The river cruise concluded in the amazing Amsterdam. Amsterdam has to be experienced… what a free spirited community. Cruising the canals of Amsterdam is a must do! What a way to see the city. Bikes, bikes and more bikes… watch out for those bikes!!!


I could go on and on about places visited, beautiful views, amazing architecture, art, history and my thoughts of these European cities and towns… The rich history doesn’t seem real or possible until you see it for yourself and you have those “WOW” moments! And we all need some of those.